The Man Behind the Bench

Like a politician schmoozing supporters on his re-election campaign, Ronnie Weintraub strode down the side of the court toward press row, shaking hands left and right and shouting greetings as he went. With the Jaspers easily up 32-20 at halftime against St. Peter’s, the members of the media were relatively subdued. Some were stretching or just returning from the bathroom before the game resumed, others … Continue reading The Man Behind the Bench

The Need For Peace Week

This past week saw the celebration of Peace Week on Manhattan College’s campus. With documentaries, presentations and discussions on issues ranging from the psychological effects of warfare to Middle Eastern human rights, the events were both diverse and thought provoking. Yet for many a MC student, the week might have passed by like any other, aside from perhaps noticing additional fliers posted around campus and … Continue reading The Need For Peace Week

A Day in the Life: The Ten-Man Suite

The big day has finally arrived. You walk up the hallway scanning for your room number with your family behind you lugging boxes and bags filled with your belongings for the first semester. But even as the numbers continue to climb, you still don’t see your name scrawled on any of the assorted tags taped to the suite doors. You start to worry and double-check the room number … Continue reading A Day in the Life: The Ten-Man Suite

New Drug Laws Continue in Right Direction

These past few weeks have seen advances in the nation’s policy towards drugs, specifically marijuana. In Colorado, customers lined up on Jan. 1 to become part of the first segment of the population able to legally purchase state-regulated cannabis for recreational use, with Washington state set to do the same later this year. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced his plan to allow limited … Continue reading New Drug Laws Continue in Right Direction