August Osage County Play Reading

By Gabriel Gamarra, Contributor “Life is very long.” Those words by T.S. Eliot echo in Manhattan College’s Hayden 100 as a small and intimate crowd gather to watch the MC Players put on a classic performance. It’s 8:00 p.m. on a Thursday night in room 100, the white and grey walls work hand-in-hand the red seats to create a somber feeling in the room as the … Continue reading August Osage County Play Reading

“Legally Blonde”: Absolutely “Exc-Elle-Ent”

By Rose Brennan & Daniel Molina, Assistant Editor & Editor Since the success of the Players’ fall drama “12 Angry Jurors”, the spring musical was all of the talk in the Manhattan College performing arts department. Thankfully, after months of strenuous rehearsals, “Legally Blonde” surpassed every expectation, making the last Friday’s diverse audience give a long ovation at the end of the show. Only classifying it as … Continue reading “Legally Blonde”: Absolutely “Exc-Elle-Ent”

Backstage with the Stage Crew

By Shannon Silvia, Contributor With the upcoming production of “Legally Blonde” just around the corner, the Manhattan College Players are working very hard to make sure they have all their lines down before opening night. However, the stage crew is doing all the hard work behind the scenes helping to bring life to the play. Silvana Acierno, a freshman chemical engineer major at Manhattan College, can be … Continue reading Backstage with the Stage Crew