The Faces of Marketing and Management at MC

by Richard Gerling, Staff Writer The department of management and marketing offers two distinct majors for students to choose. The management major aims to teach the skills used by managers in fulfilling their roles and functions and provide an opportunity for students to apply quantitative methods to solve management problems. The marketing program is designed to train students to be marketing professionals and emphasizes a … Continue reading The Faces of Marketing and Management at MC

Behind Manhattan College’s #SocialMedia

“Alright, let’s stop here for today. See you all next class.” In one fluid motion students snap their books shut and whip out their cell phones as they walk into the hallway. In today’s social media-obsessed world, this scene plays out hourly at universities across the country as college students seemingly can’t put their phones down for long. After all, with over 5,000 tweets and … Continue reading Behind Manhattan College’s #SocialMedia

College Launches New Website, with Mobile Users in Mind

Manhattan College launched itself headlong into the 21st Century last week with the launch of a full overhauled website, with a special focus on mobile devices. The new site, which launched last week, features a fresh new look – brought to life with lush photography and videography, borrowing visual motifs first debuted in marketing materials last year as part of the College’s “Uncommon” admissions campaign. … Continue reading College Launches New Website, with Mobile Users in Mind

Button Pushing Controversy at Urban Outfitters

TASIA ADAMAKOS GUEST WRITER Urban Outfitters didn’t shock us with having another controversial clothing stunt. However the company’s latest has redefined the term “crossing a line,” and it has left many shocked. Last Sunday, the store added a Kent State University sweatshirt to the “sun-faded vintage” collection. It was spattered with red and held holes on the right shoulder. What’s concerning is the red that … Continue reading Button Pushing Controversy at Urban Outfitters

Impact of Men’s Basketball Success

BY MICHELLE DEPINHO, JONATHAN REYES AND JACLYN MARR After falling to the defending NCAA tournament champion Louisville, 71-64, last week. Manhattan College still managed to come out with a victory. MC reached the tournament national stage for the first time in 10 years – last appeared in 2004. Meaning it found a place to show itself off to the masses like never before. “What’s particularly … Continue reading Impact of Men’s Basketball Success