MC Orchestra Captivates their Audience at 2023 Spring Concert

Orchestra Grasps Audience’s Attention with 2023 Spring Concert. BROOKEDELLAROCCO/ COURTESY By Brooke DellaRocco, Staff Writer Manhattan College’s performing arts ensembles took the stage in the Chapel De La Salle for an afternoon of music and artistry. With families filling the pews, and sunshine flowing through the stained glass windows, it could not have been a better environment for an event.  The evening started off with … Continue reading MC Orchestra Captivates their Audience at 2023 Spring Concert

The Manhattones Are Back for the Spring Semester!

By, Isaiah Rosario, Assistant Sports Editor   The Manhattones are back! The go-ed acapella group has returned to the stage for the spring semester, after a successful fall semester of performances and concerts.  Vice president of Manhattones and junior communication major Sophie Ryan, spoke to The Quad, and explained what Manhattan College’s acapella group is for those who are unfamiliar.  “We’re a co-ed acapella group and … Continue reading The Manhattones Are Back for the Spring Semester!

Performing Arts Spring Concert

Friends and families poured into the Chapel of De La Salle and his Brothers to attend the Spring Performing Arts Concert on Sunday, April 22. The MC Orchestra, Manhattones and Singers performed an array of musical pieces at the annual concert. The MC Orchestra, directed by Gwendolyn Toth, Ph.D. performed five songs. The orchestra consisted of violins, violas, cellos, one double bass, flutes, oboes, clarinets, … Continue reading Performing Arts Spring Concert

MC’s Unsung Heroes: The Manhattones

College students everywhere loved “Pitch Perfect” and have possibly binge-watched “Glee” as well. But not many know that Manhattan has their own a cappella group, cleverly called “Manhattones.” The singing group is not your typical choir, since they focus more on contemporary hits. As Vice President Phoebe Torsilieri said, it is more out of the norm of what other choirs on campus are singing. Along … Continue reading MC’s Unsung Heroes: The Manhattones