Jasper Chat

by Leah Cordova, Staff Writer River Castelonia: 3D Printing Prosthetics for Veterans NY / Junior / Mechanical Engineering River Castelonia is an undergraduate mechanical engineering major currently working on some exciting things. When I first spoke with him about 3D printing, our conversation surrounded a small, 4oz, plastic iPhone case. This was in 2014. Since then, River saved up to buy his own 3D printer … Continue reading Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat: Caroline Chu

  Sophomore / Long Island / English and Communication What did you have for breakfast? Stuffed shells, and one BBQ chicken wing. What is your Sunday looking like? I have big aspirations to get my work done whilst surrounded by literature  (a.k.a my English assignments) but I will probably take a nap. Latest good read? Chaucer! What is your song of the day?  “Boat Behind” … Continue reading Jasper Chat: Caroline Chu