Saks Fifth Avenue Shines for the Holidays

  In even less than a blink of an eye, it is Christmas time in the city yet again. Twinkling lights line the streets and wreaths bearing big red bows hang from lampposts. The Rockefeller Center tree shines brightly into space and the Swarovski Star atop the tree reminds us that no other city does Christmas better or more fabulously than New York. Pushing through … Continue reading Saks Fifth Avenue Shines for the Holidays

Foreign Fa La La’s

For the typical Manhattan College student, Thanksgiving and winter break signify a special time when we can escape the craziness of the semester, retreat to our homes and celebrate the holidays with our family and friends. For us, this practice is familiar because we are so used to the traditions and common themes for each holiday time. However, looking at these American practices from an … Continue reading Foreign Fa La La’s

Cheap Date: Valentine’s Day on a Budget

BY: MONICA HORAN Once a year, this day dedicated to love poses a challenge for people to avoid being cliché or cynical. For college students, there is an added challenge of achieving these feats on a budget. It actually is possible in New York City to celebrate this Valentine’s Day either with friends or with a significant other without breaking the bank. For Couples: Between dinner, movies, flowers … Continue reading Cheap Date: Valentine’s Day on a Budget