2020 Super Bowl Predictions

January 30, 2020

by Alexa Schmidt, A&E Editor Who are you rooting for this Super Bowl?   I believe that the 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl this year because they have the second best defense in the NFL and the Chiefs are really good, but they keep [...]

The Jasper Eleven: A Game-Changer

November 26, 2015

Before the modern era of Manhattan College athletics, with basketball at its center, Jasper Nation was founded on the gridiron. Football first gained varsity status in 1892 and played regularly scheduled games against such teams as Villanova, Seton [...]

No Football, No Spirit? Think Again

September 8, 2014

Anxious college freshman leaving home for the first time can generally find solace and comfort in three guarantees. There will be beer. There will be weight gain. And there will be football. That is, unless you’re a freshman at Manhattan College. [...]