MC Maternity Leave Still Unpaid

April 7, 2016

  By Natalie Craig and Cathy Goodyear Kiki Kringle contributed reporting The majority of the Manhattan College faculty, staff, and administration maybe aware of the maternity leave policy but never looked at it in depth. Our policy may not be [...]

Life as Department Chair

November 20, 2015

College faculty and administration have been known to have their differences in priorities – not just at Manhattan College. This creates a particularly tough challenge for department chairpersons, who are caught somewhere between being faculty [...]

A Unionization Effort

September 15, 2015

At MC and Across the U.S., Adjunct Professors Push for Collective Bargaining as Administration Pushes Back  It always starts the same; disgruntled workers, compounded by economic downturns and the constant fear of illness or termination, and then [...]