Dating Gone Digital: The Truth About Dating Apps at MC

by Rose Brennan & Lauren Schuster, A&E Editor & Social Media Editor Dating is an activity which seems central to college life. Whether with fellow students, students at other schools or anyone in the surrounding area, Manhattan College students are active in the dating scene. But the current generation has a new way to date.  Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and smartphones, dating apps are now … Continue reading Dating Gone Digital: The Truth About Dating Apps at MC

The Courting Conundrum

KAYLI MCTAGUE GUEST WRITER United States Census data reports the average age that male and female Americans decide to tie the knot is 28 years old and 27 years old, respectively. These numbers mean that most college freshmen can expect to be married less than ten years from the time they start school. For current Jaspers, the matrimonial clock may already be ticking. Statistically speaking, … Continue reading The Courting Conundrum

Dating In A Digital Age

Traditional ways of courting are seemingly a thing of the past. Nowadays, if you’re a college student looking for romance, it might only be a click, swipe or text away. Each day, our generation becomes more familiar with the growing presence of finding love online. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of websites, apps and services specific to online dating. In … Continue reading Dating In A Digital Age