The Lasting Impact of Love

by ALEXA SCHMIDT & SAMANTHA WALLA, Asst. Editors Okee, or hello. Our names are Samantha Walla and Alexa Schmidt, and we spent our spring break in Browning, Montana on a L.O.V.E. trip. We had to give up our phones for a week and not have contact with anyone back home, which raised a little alarm in the mom department. Plus, the motto was “Participate, don’t … Continue reading The Lasting Impact of Love

¡Puerto Rico se Levanta!

I remember sitting in my classes that day, with my phone out, refreshing a webpage every few minutes. I was watching my island slowly be consumed by a force of nature far stronger than I could have ever imagined. Watching the deep red circles, being projected by the weather doppler radar, crawl from the east side of the island to the west. Slowly watching my … Continue reading ¡Puerto Rico se Levanta!

Letters to the Editor

Timothy Hamling writes: From daily announcements to occasional promotions and spam, my inbox is constantly being filled with new emails. I don’t like keeping my school email cluttered, so I try to delete old unimportant emails as often as I can, or at the very least filter important messages into folders. However, one email I received last year from the Office of the President, dating … Continue reading Letters to the Editor