So…Who Got Struck by Q-pid?

By, Lauren Raziano & Adrianne Hutto, Web Editor & Asst. Sports Editor & Production Editor

Students know how difficult it can be to find “the one,” especially while going to a smaller college in a large city.

During the month of February, a few staff members revived the “Q-pid” column and asked students to fill out a survey. The survey included questions about  their favorite genre of music, qualities they are looking for in someone and what they were looking forward to out of this experience.

Over the course of The Quadrangle “Struck by Q-pid” investigation, we received 52 persons searching for romantic dates, friendship outings or just something out of their comfort zones with no expectations.

Out of the 50 people who filled out the survey, fifteen pairs were matched up. A few responded back to The Quad regarding their experience on their blind dates.

Ava Cruz, a sophomore biology student, was also paired up on a date with another student with a similar interest in the NY Rangers. Cruz went to An Beal and had dinner with her date.

“It was really nice because I learned a lot about him.” Cruz said. “He’s also from Connecticut and he’s a civil engineering major. He was really sweet and I still talk to him like every day.” 

Cruz commented on the dating scene at Manhattan College and why she thinks young adults aren’t that committed to getting into relationships during this time period in their life. 

“I don’t think dating is a huge priority so a lot of students here from what I’ve observed are not ready to commit to a relationship yet,” Cruz said. “I learned in my psychology class that young adults aren’t necessarily ready for commitment and I just think it’s interesting how we have the same mindset about it. Especially with COVID, it makes it a lot harder to gain connections with people in person and with masks, it’s hard to communicate clearly and see each other’s faces so I definitely think that it’s not as popular as it once was.” 

When asked about what she has learned about herself through the Q-pid process, Cruz encouraged people that it is exciting to maybe meet a new friend. 

“Sometimes it can be a really fun experience and even if you don’t get serious with that person, you could still make a new friend, “ Cruz said. “If something happens, that happens, and sometimes it’s really exciting and sometimes, maybe not so much, but I think meeting new people in that way is fun sometimes and again, if it doesn’t work out, at least you made a friend at the end of the day.” 

Kevin McGoldrick, sophomore accounting major, filled out the Q-pid survey and got matched. He commented that naturally meeting someone to go out with at Manhattan College can be difficult to do.

“It was fun filling out the form, answering the question and trying to think about what I really want in a relationship,” McGoldrick said. “The dating culture at Manhattan can be challenging at times, especially when trying to meet potential dates organically in real life.”

Although McGoldrick was not able to go on a date with his match, he is looking forward to next year’s potential Q-pid match. 

“Yes, I would do it next year. Sometimes things don’t always work out, but that’s ok,” McGoldrick said.

Grace Buckley is a sophomore at MC majoring in computer information systems. Buckley was paired up with a junior who shared her taste in classic music. 

“My Q-pid experience was super fun and light hearted. There was no pressure really and I had a great time,” Buckley said.

Buckley and her match had a casual meet up to see if there was a spark. “I have learned that my excessive need to talk when it’s quiet or when I’m nervous can benefit me in situations like this because I kept the flow going and it made things less awkward,” Buckley said. 

Overall, the experience was rewarding for Buckley, getting to step out of her comfort zone. “I just thought I would take a leap of faith to see how this went and I had a great time,” Buckley said.

That is all we have to share from this year’s Q-pid match up. Thank you to those who participated and put your love life in our hands — we hope your year is filled with romantic and platonic love!


“Asst. Love Doctor” Lauren Raziano and “Romance Concocter” Adrianne Hutto