Meet your Student Body President: Kevin Rojas

by Katie Heneghan, Web Editor

Last Spring, amid the madness of a virtual semester, students elected senior Kevin Rojas as student body president. In his four years at the college, Rojas has immersed himself in all the campus has to offer — from academia to study abroad, extracurriculars, and more. Rojas has been a warm and welcoming presence on campus and has some big plans for the coming year.

The Quadrangle: What is your major? Are you involved with any other clubs on campus?

Kevin Rojas: I am currently a political science major here at MC. While student government is now my full-time job, I have been involved on campus throughout my three years here. I have been a part of the WRCM radio club, as well as served as freshman and sophomore VP.

TQ: How long have you been involved in student government on campus?

KR: This will be my third year as a student government representative. I took a bit of a hiatus during last year as I was away during the previous election cycle while abroad pre-pandemic.

TQ: When did you decide you wanted to further your involvement on campus?

Kevin Rojas, poses for a photo to use for the Jaspers United campaign. @JASPERSUNITED/ COURTESY

KR: Frankly, being on campus last year during the pandemic truly made me reminisce about how MC life truly was before everything changed. I knew that I wanted to help in any way I could to bring back the same excitement I felt during my freshman year here.

TQ: Was the process of running for a position difficult during COVID? How so?

KR: The process was unconventional, to say the least. Unlike prior elections, our team and I focused on an aggressive online campaign format, hoping to reach as many Jaspers as possible no matter where they were. Without in-person campaigning, it made it difficult but nonetheless, we were able to achieve our goal.

TQ: What are your personal goals for this school year?

KR: My goal is to make peopleexcitedaboutMCagain. For our seniors, I know that we have been waiting too long for the real college experience that we were deprived of these last two years. For all underclassmen, I want to be able to bring the same joy MC has given me. We all are long overdue for an amazing year.

KR: Students can contact us through our email Along with that, we will be holding meetings biweekly on Wednesdays throughout the year that we encourage all students to come to. If you are interested, come join the team!

The Jaspers United team infornt of Smith Auditorium. @JASPERSUNITED/ COURTESY

TQ: What are your goals in terms of Student Government for this school year? Anything big or small!

KR: I would love to see the Student Government here on campus flourish. We have so many exciting plans for events, such as a block party, smorasburg, and especially our beloved Springfest. On top of the events, I would like to see Student Government taking on a bigger role in being the real voice of the student body.

TQ: What is your favorite part about student government?

KR: Definitely the unity between students! Students from all backgrounds can come together as Jaspers to make MC the best it can be.

TQ: What do you want students to know about you?

KR: I am fully committed to making MC a place where everyone can feel at home; a place where everyone can feel as loved as I know they already are. Anyone with any issues,

big or small, should contact either myself, or the student government, and we will work together to make your experience the best it can be.

TQ: How can other students get involved in Student Government?