Manhattan College to Participate in Annual iGEM Jamboree

by John Jackson Staff Writer Professors Bryan Wilkins and Alexander Santulli will be bringing a group of Manhattan College students from across a variety of science and engineering majors to the 14th annual iGEM Jamboree at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on November 9. The iGEM foundation began in 2003 and it stands for International Genetically Engineered Machine. Back in 2003, iGEM was an … Continue reading Manhattan College to Participate in Annual iGEM Jamboree

Puppies on the Quad for a Cause

Katherine Frost Major: English and Art History Do you think they should host this again? They should do this more often. It’s only a month in but it’s so stressful already and this just lets you get loose and breaks that barrier. Doug Huntington Major: Biochemistry How do you feel about being here at this event and what Tri Beta is doing? I feel like … Continue reading Puppies on the Quad for a Cause

“Mary Jane” Tackles Parenthood

Theater and the City is a column of student-written reviews in the ENGL 400 class taught by Deirdre O’Leary Cunningham. This week’s entry is by Chloe Ludlow. I’m sure we can all remember a point in our childhood when we got hurt, that time we got sick for just a little bit too long, that time we needed to go to the hospital for a … Continue reading “Mary Jane” Tackles Parenthood

MC Reflects on Hurricane Maria

Days after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, authorities are starting to see the scope of devastation that left the US territory without water service, power or communication. “Looking at how ruined all the places where I grew up and lived all my life are, is just something that can’t stop the tears from falling down my cheeks and is something that I … Continue reading MC Reflects on Hurricane Maria

On Charlottesville

In Volume 95, Issue 3 of The Quadrangle, printed on Jan. 31, 2017, I contributed an opinion-editorial article titled “The Punch is Not the Problem”.  Within the piece, I urged Americans to loudly and overwhelmingly reject Nazism, a subject brought about after white supremacist Richard B. Spencer was punched in the face. I ended the article with a call to action, which stated, “Make your … Continue reading On Charlottesville

Intramural Soccer Kicks Off at Gaelic Park

By Alexa Schmidt, Staff Writer It’s nine o’clock on a Wednesday night, and intramural outdoor soccer is just getting started. It may be late, but Gaelic Park is thriving with students eager to play competitive pick-up games and meet new people. Intramural soccer takes place on Monday and Wednesday nights, while flag football is on Sunday and Thursday nights. Games start around 9:15 p.m., but most … Continue reading Intramural Soccer Kicks Off at Gaelic Park

Sophomore Creates Video on Immigration

By Samantha Walla, Staff Writer What comes to your mind when you hear the word “immigrant?” That’s the question sophomore Shannon Raczynski sought to shed light on during her first weeks back at Manhattan College by creating a short but impactful video of student opinions on immigration. Directed by Raczynski and filmed by junior Kaiyun Chen, the video features the unfiltered responses of several MC students … Continue reading Sophomore Creates Video on Immigration

Senior Liliana Calix’s Busy Summer

Civil Engineering Major Travels to Peru, Does Research On the last day of May, when many college students are revelling in the freedom and unaccountability of summer, Liliana Calix was boarding a plane to Peru. The senior at Manhattan College travelled to the South American country to volunteer with two environmental non-profit organizations. She was the only student from Manhattan College to attend the trip, … Continue reading Senior Liliana Calix’s Busy Summer

Sophomore Finds Freedom on the Stage

by RikkiLynn Shields Editor Ellen Farrelly, a sophomore chemical engineering major with a theater minor, has been involved in preforming arts since the second grade. Originally from Queens but currently residing in Yonkers, Farrelly began singing in her elementary school choirs in the second grade and by the time middle school rolled around, she decided to give musicals a try, and that’s when she fell in … Continue reading Sophomore Finds Freedom on the Stage