What Are Jaspers Thankful For?

December 6, 2019

Voices on the Quad Interviews Compiled by Anna Woods Caroline King Class of 2023 Quad: Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? Caroline: Yes, every year we skip a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and head to downtown Philadelphia for the Mid-Atlantic [...]

Senior Farewell

December 4, 2019

Joseph Liggio – Staff Writer, Asst. News Editor ‘17 – Spring ’19 I always knew coming into college that I wanted to get involved with the Quadrangle to some degree; admittedly I was kinda shy. A few weeks into first semester I showed [...]

Agape Latte:“Real Activism”

December 3, 2019

by August Kissel, Web Editor On Wednesday Nov. 20, the second and Thanksgiving themed Agape Latte of the semester began with a guest pianist, Gavin Reidy, the younger brother to Conor Reidy, playing some soft music while students filed in to Jasper [...]