Articles by Taylor Brethauer

Letter From The Editor (To The Seniors)

May 2, 2018

Dear Seniors, Each of you have brought something so special and important to our newspaper and we were so lucky to have published your work throughout the past four years. I don’t think I could ever thank any of you enough for your constant [...]


April 25, 2018

The Quadrangle received an email this past week from a one Melissa Gomez, an editor-in-chief at the University of Florida. Their student-newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator is organizing, in their words, “a day of action to educate the [...]

Notes from the Editor

April 21, 2018

Dear Reader, Welcome to the Bronx Issue! Every semester, we pick a theme for our “special issue”, which focuses on a specific topic that all of our articles and photographs are centered around. In January, our senior writer Tara Marin (who made [...]

Letter from The Editor

April 10, 2018

Dear Reader, We’re back! Due to the Easter break schedule, we skipped a week, but now we are back into the swing of things and ready to finish out the semester strong. We have a lot coming up for the end of the spring semester and I hope you enjoy [...]