LETTER from the Editor

Happy Special Issue, readers! Welcome to my favorite issue of the semester! This fall, we decided to leap into unchartered territory. This is the Taboo Issue. I know… Talking about these kinds of subjects are, well, taboo. It’s uncomfortable, it’s messy, it’s complicated. But, the most growth comes from discomfort. Our writers were so excited to shed light on topics often left in the dark, … Continue reading LETTER from the Editor

President Brennan O’Donnell’s Contract Extended until 2024

by MEGAN DREHER, Editor-in-Chief President Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D., will continue to lead the Manhattan College community through the 2023-2024 academic year, following his contract extension granted by the board of trustees. O’Donnell has served as president since July 1, 2009, the 19th president in the history of the college and the first lay president to serve in the position. In serving as president, O’Donnell believes that this … Continue reading President Brennan O’Donnell’s Contract Extended until 2024

WRCM Returns to “Airwaves”

by MEGAN DREHER, Editor-in-Chief After a long-awaited return to the airwaves, the reboot of Manhattan College’s radio station WRCM is back for Fall 2019. Having seen tremendous growth from the initial launch in February, members of the executive board as well as new and returning DJs are excited to be back for an anticipated successful semester. While there was much that went into airing WRCM back in … Continue reading WRCM Returns to “Airwaves”

Letter from the Editor

by MEGAN DREHER, Editor-in-Chief Hi readers! Welcome to the official beginning of Fall, and also welcome to Issue 5! We’ve got some great stories this week, and I’m so proud of all of our writers for another job well done! I want to draw attention to some of the content we covered this week. One of our Web Editors, August Kissel, and our Photography Editor, Brian Asare, … Continue reading Letter from the Editor

LETTER from The Editor

Hi readers! Welcome back for Issue 3! It feels as though we are finally getting into the swing of things for the semester. I hope September is treating you all well, and classes are going smoothly! We had a very successful turnout at the club fair last week, and I’m thrilled that so many new students are interested in joining our team of journalists! We … Continue reading LETTER from The Editor

W.I.S.E. Women Get the Job Done

by MEGAN DREHER, Editor-in-Chief Entering the professional world can be an intimidating transition for college students. It is even harder for female graduates to see past that looming change of becoming a young professional, imagining that someday they may hold positions of power within their respective, often male-dominant fields. The Center for Career Development here at Manhattan College has noticed that difficulty for female students, and has … Continue reading W.I.S.E. Women Get the Job Done

LETTER from The Editor

Hi everyone! Welcome back to campus for the spring semester! If you don’t know me, my name is Megan Dreher, and I am your new Editor- In- Chief for 2019. I am a junior Philosophy and Communication double major from Prospect, Conn. and I have been writing for the Quadrangle since my freshman year. While most of my time and energy was spent working with … Continue reading LETTER from The Editor