Articles by Michelle DePinho

MC Jazz Band Performs End of Year Concert

May 12, 2016

Manhattan College president Brennan O’Donnell traded his lofty office in Memorial Hall for something a little edgier Tuesday night: a seat in the guitar section of the college’s jazz band. For the audience, the unusual sight of watching their [...]

Cheer Like a Girl

March 2, 2016

On Friday nights, a Manhattan College team pounds the pavement in Draddy Gymnasium, perfecting their agility, strength and stamina. They run, train, lift and stretch. But are they athletes? This is the Manhattan College cheerleading team, and the [...]

President’s Report

February 10, 2016

Manhattan College no longer publishes a yearbook, but it issues a President’s Report, and that’s pretty close. This year’s President’s Report conveys the institution’s progress on its strategic plan and total assets and expenditures, [...]

The Noise Next Door

October 29, 2015

It’s no secret that some Manhattan College students like to have fun and get rowdy on the weekends, just like students at any other college. But this penchant for partying leads to cases of noisy, destructive and (in some cases) illegal behaviors [...]