Articles by Joe Liggio

Senior Farewell

December 4, 2019

Joseph Liggio – Staff Writer, Asst. News Editor ‘17 – Spring ’19 I always knew coming into college that I wanted to get involved with the Quadrangle to some degree; admittedly I was kinda shy. A few weeks into first semester I showed [...]

Crime Up in Manhattan’s Precinct

January 23, 2019

by JOE LIGGIO, Asst. News Editor While New York City officials have touted record low crimes within the five boroughs for 2018, the numbers aren’t as cut and dry as they seem. Mayor Bill de Blasio and other high-ranking city officials have taken [...]

Mold Forces Students Out of Horan Dorms

October 9, 2018

by JOE LIGGIO, Asst. News Editor Some Horan Hall residents have had an unwelcome guest living with them lately. An infiltration of mold has affected a number of dorms in Horan and forced some students living in the building to temporarily relocate [...]

Man Shot Near South Campus

August 31, 2018

by JOSEPH LIGGIO, Asst. News Editor A man was shot in the head around 12:30 a.m. this morning in an incident that ended near the intersection of West 237th Street and Broadway. The NYPD Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information stated [...]