Senior Spotlights

Kevin Hill For many, May 22 signifies an end to classrooms, tests, papers and the world of academia (for a while), but for Kevin Hill, this is just a transition to the next step in Higher Education. Hill, a double major in International Studies and Government will be starting his Master of Arts at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations. You may … Continue reading Senior Spotlights

Unveiling the Common Interest Communities

Starting this fall, the Arches program will no longer monopolize the residence community scene at Manhattan College. New common interest communities centered on shared themes will allow students to share extracurricular and academic experiences while living together on the same floor. “This will be a pilot year so it is a very exciting year to be a part of a common interest community,” Andrew Weingarten, … Continue reading Unveiling the Common Interest Communities

Foreign Fa La La’s

For the typical Manhattan College student, Thanksgiving and winter break signify a special time when we can escape the craziness of the semester, retreat to our homes and celebrate the holidays with our family and friends. For us, this practice is familiar because we are so used to the traditions and common themes for each holiday time. However, looking at these American practices from an … Continue reading Foreign Fa La La’s

Assault on the Assault Ads

We have seen them posted all over campus. They scream their messages at us complete with ridiculous and over-dramatic images. Going along with this semester’s theme of sexual assault awareness, Manhattan College administration has posted a series of “positive reinforcement” posters around campus. Great…administration is acknowledging there is a problem and that something needs to be done. Great…they took action and didn’t just talk about … Continue reading Assault on the Assault Ads

Occhiogrosso, Staff Say Goodbye

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Gabrielle Occhiogrosso, announced last week she would be stepping down from her position at the end of the semester. “It is very bittersweet, but I am leaving Manhattan College to pursue my career in higher education. I recently received my doctorate of education and I have accepted a position at the director level,” Occhiogrosso said. However, Occhiogrosso is not going … Continue reading Occhiogrosso, Staff Say Goodbye

The Ugliness of Beauty Pageants

“Miss America represents the highest ideals. She is a real combination of beauty, grace, and intelligence, artistic and refined. She is a type which the American Girl might well emulate.” Let’s take a minute to really look at this statement made by Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce President Frederick Hickman 75 years ago about who Miss America is and what she represents. According to the … Continue reading The Ugliness of Beauty Pageants

MC Gets Green With New Energy Initiative

Manhattan College launched a $2.3 million campus-wide energy conservation initiative this year that includes upgrading campus lighting, installing low-flow water fixtures and modifying heating systems on campus. The initiative is expected to save the college money on its energy costs over the next few years. The college estimates that they will save 6.3 million gallons of water per year, 10,337 million BTU per year in … Continue reading MC Gets Green With New Energy Initiative

The MC Fall Premiere Guide

It is a sad and true statement that sometimes, Netflix and more unscrupulous means of watching the latest guilty pleasure TV have to take priority over readings, essays and assignments. In order to maximize time spent in front of your screen we have compiled a comprehensive break down of what to watch, what not to watch, what to catch up on and what to try … Continue reading The MC Fall Premiere Guide