Manhattan College Rises in Ranks on Return on Investment and Transformative Values

By, Victor Franco, Staff Writer

Manhattan College has recently been recognized by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce in the top 10 colleges from New York State when it comes to return on investment post-graduation. Along with Georgetown University, Money Magazine also named Manhattan College in the top 10 of transformative colleges. 

Upon attending college, many students have to take into consideration the financial commitment they have to make to attend their college of choice. For many students, this means taking out loans that they will carry after college. 

Donald Gibson, dean of the O’Malley School of Business, is very content to see the college’s progression through the ranks, and credits the student body with its success rate. 

“Manhattan college objectively compares well with other New York schools,” Gibson said. “It is ranked higher than Fordham, NYU, Baruch, and others. Our students have a lot of motivation. They come from a variety of backgrounds and they’re highly motivated to work hard.”

When determining a college’s average return on investment, ROI, many factors play a role, one of those being the location of the college. 

Fortunately enough, Manhattan College offers students direct contact with companies based in New York. 

“I’d say a majority of our alumni work in New York or in the region or started in New York. I do think the proximity to New York City helps with Manhattan College’s return on investment,” said Gibson. 

With the ranking from Georgetown University, Manhattan College is able to provide incoming and present students with a better understanding of the quality of education and networking opportunities that the school offers. 

Current students admit that when applying for colleges they were not educated on the ROI rates they would receive at Manhattan College. 

Steven Guerro, a sophomore business management major, states he did not put much thought to my ROI until he attended Manhattan College.

Now that Guerrero is in his sophomore year he realizes that “the school provides a lot of opportunities and connections with other companies that can affect its ROI.”

Kevin Heredia, a sophomore civil engineering major, states that he is proud to be a part of a school with such high rankings. 

“When I first heard this news I was very surprised because Manhattan College is being recognized for their great programs,” Heredia said. 

As a civil engineering student, Heredia knows that the college’s investment in its students pays off every day. 

“I feel fortunate to attend a college that has state of the art science facilities, great professors, and programs that help connect students to the professional world,” Heredia said.

He also states that coming into Manhattan College he knew that studying civil engineering would give him a great ROI, but he never imagined how profitable it can be in the long run. 

“I know Engineering will take me to great places, but now I can rest assured that I will most likely be receiving my ROI sooner than I thought,” Heredia said. 

With the many acknowledgments that Manhattan College receives from several sources, students can feel confident that the college they decided to attend is a suitable place for educational and personal growth. 

“We urge all students to get internships and the vast majority do and most have more than more than one internship while they’re here. So we do make it a part of our culture to try to help students build their professional network and grow professionally while they’re here,” Gibson said. 

The acknowledgement from these rankings is a highlight, yet what matters more is the commitment of students and faculty to success.

“The college doesn’t focus on rankings to a major degree, but if we are recognized it is important to promote that message to our community”.