Letter from the Editor

By Kyla Guilfoil, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers, 

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day, whether it was spent with family, friends or a certain special someone. This week we were able to feature the love in the air on MC’s campus, getting to know those who have found love in Riverdale. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful community members who contributed to our stories this week, helping to raise spirits as we inch closer to sunny spring weather. 

This week we also have another addition to our column, To Whom It May Concern, from Zoe DeFazio, who reminds us the importance of recognizing issues of race. We would like to extend a special recognition to Black History Month, as we continue to learn from our peers and grow into a more understanding and supportive community. 

I encourage you all to take the time this month to ask questions, extend support and recognize the powerful and brilliant Black leaders that we have across our campus, from our student body, to our staff, faculty and administration. 

We can all do better, and we should do better. Happy Black History Month, we stand with you.