The Manhattones Are Back for the Spring Semester!

By, Isaiah Rosario, Assistant Sports Editor  

The Manhattones are back! The go-ed acapella group has returned to the stage for the spring semester, after a successful fall semester of performances and concerts. 

Vice president of Manhattones and junior communication major Sophie Ryan, spoke to The Quad, and explained what Manhattan College’s acapella group is for those who are unfamiliar. 

“We’re a co-ed acapella group and we’re audition-based, so all of our members have to audition in front of our board, which includes me and three other really great members, Luis, Jenna, and Francesca,” Ryan said. “It’s a very low-stress environment. It’s nothing too technical or too classical. We do a lot of contemporary stuff… The main goal is just to sing current music that everyone knows and a way for students to show their love for music and also meet each other.”

Manhattones recently held auditions for their group. The acapella group welcomed one new member for this upcoming semester, and they are continuing to look for new members. 

“We’re still auditioning, which is great,” Manhattones secretary and junior childhood education major Jenna Leonard said. “This semester, we’re looking for beatboxers, and we’re looking for tenor parts and bass parts, specifically, altos, as well. So if you want to audition, definitely feel free to email or DM us on Instagram @MCManhattones and set up a time.”

Auditions are open to both commuters and residents of Manhattan. Sophomore sound studies major and Manhattones Social chair Francesca Zamor spoke about how important Manhattones was to her while being a commuter during such a difficult time as the COVID pandemic.

“Well, for me since I’m a commuter, it was like my only way of hanging out with anyone because I was commuting during COVID, where I couldn’t really hang out anywhere,” Zamor said. “I didn’t really know who to speak to because there wasn’t really anyone on campus. So when [President of Manhattones Luis Chavez] told me about it and I joined it was like my only way of having friends and having someone to talk to and hang out with. So it’s pretty important to me.” 

There was high praise amongst Manhattones about how their performances went last semester. Manhattones performed the national anthem at a Jasper home game as well as performed their Winter Concert in the Chapel last December. 

“The shows [last semester] were really fun and they went really well,” section leader Julia Melchiorre, a junior adolescent education and history major, said.  “Last semester we performed at the winter concert and we ended up actually doing a bit more of a contemporary song. It’s something that’s normally a very formal affair. So it kind of shocked the audience a little bit, but it was definitely a good surprise. We got a few chuckles and a few laughs out of [the audience]. So it was exactly what we were hoping for.”

Looking forward to this semester, The Manhattones have a load of things planned. For Valentine’s day, Manhattones posted a video of their group singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli. They look forward to posting more videos like those throughout the semester. The Manhattones are looking to spice up their spring concert with a song from a familiar face. 

“We’re planning for our spring concert. We’re looking to do some really fun music, one of which is a Harry Styles medley. And that’s very fun for all of us,” Leonard said.  

Manhattones is a group of aspiring, and committed musicians. The acapella group here on campus has defined itself as a family that makes new members of the group feel welcomed into this stress-free environment. 

“I would love for people to know how dedicated and committed we are and how open we are to try new opportunities,” Melchiorre said.  “I think everyone in the group is really down to perform anywhere and do anything as long as we’re given a yes.”