Chris Woodhouse: MAAC Field Performer of the Week

by KATIE HENNEGEN, Asst. Features Editor

Senior Pole Vaulter and Computer Science major Chris Woodhouse had a major win at last week’s VCU meet. He was named MAAC Field Performer of the week and was selected for the MAAC All-Academic team. In his senior season, Woodhouse spoke to The Quadrangle about his current success and aspirations for the remainder of the season.

Woodhouse spoke to The Quadrangle about his current success and aspirations for the remainder of the season. GOJASPERS/ COURTESY

The Quadrangle: How long have you been doing Track and Field?

Chris Woodhouse: I have been doing Track and Field since the fifth grade.

TQ: When did you start pole vaulting, and how did you develop this specialization?

CW: I started pole vaulting when I was a freshman in high school. So this is my eighth year of vaulting. It started in high school where my coach was telling all the freshmen that we had to try all the field events, so it just started when he looked at me and said, “Chris you look like a pole vaulter.” I picked it up and started getting good at it and it took off from there.

TQ: Why did you choose Manhattan College?

CW: I chose Manhattan College because it was allowing me to pursue pole vault, and a lot of the other schools I looked at didn’t have that possibility, and that was a major influence. Also, when I came here for a visit and I stepped on campus I knew this was the place for me.

TQ: What is your favorite part about being a Division 1 athlete?

CW: Definitely the team – the camaraderie is a big aspect of why I like track. It’s a very individual sport where it comes down to it and it’s just me on the runway, but at the end of the day you have your whole team. When you go to championship season it’s not just about you it’s a bigger purpose. It’s definitely a unique thing we have for track and field.

TQ:Do you face any challenges as a student-athlete?

CW: Absolutely time management. You have to be able to schedule everything you do with classes and work and practice and everything alike. Once you get that down it’s easy from there.

TQ: What is your favorite part about being a Jasper?

CW: Definitely rocking the kelly green. I’m all about our colors – it’s very different from my high school’s black and gold.

TQ: Do you have any favorite memories from your track and field career?

CW: Definitely this week! Getting MAAC field performer of the week was a big surprise and a very pleasant one. Placing third at MAACs this year and getting big points for the team and my first medal. That was a nice accomplishment I was very proud of.

TQ: What do you hope to accomplish in the remainder of your senior season?

CW: For the remainder of the season, it’s to jump as high as I can. I’d like to get gold at MAACs, that’s the goal.

TQ: Do you have any pre-meet rituals that you do before every meet?

CW: I’m a pretty simple guy. A lot of people like listening to music and stuff, I just talk to anyone that will listen to me!

TQ: What are your plans after graduating?

CW: After graduating I will start full time work with FBI as a computer scientist. I work for them part time during the and once I graduate I will start full time in New York.